Area Codes for Agra and Nearby Locations

The area code used in the Agra metropolitan area is: 562. Area codes for other locations near Agra, Uttar Pradesh are shown below.

In India, area codes are often called STD codes -- STD stands for 'subscriber trunk dialing'. To make things more confusing, they are also called SDCA codes. SDCA stands for 'short distance charging area'. So this means that in India:

area code = STD code = SDCA code

Agra STD / area code

In India, area codes / STD codes are used somewhat differently than in other parts of the world. Specifically, the physical area and/or population that they cover is often quite small. As a result, India has hundreds and hundreds of STD codes -- many, many more than most countries.

Plus, area codes / STD codes are used only for landline phone numbers. Mobile phone numbers in India do not utilize area codes. Instead, the mobile prefixes '9x' and '8x' are used for all mobile numbers regardless of where the subscriber is based.

As a result, the Agra area codes listed on this page are only applicable when dialing to landline phone numbers.

To make an inbound international call (or domestic long distance call) to an Agra landline phone, you need to dial a 3-digit area code, along with a 7-digit local subscriber number - 10-digits total.

If you are calling an Agra mobile phone number, you should not use this area code. Click here for further details on dialing an Agra mobile phone number - and for information on how to tell a landline number from a mobile number.

Click for more on dialing an Agra landline number.

STD Codes / Area Codes for the Agra, India Area

Agra is located in the Upper Pradesh West telecom circle. The following table lists the STD codes for all locations in the UPW telecom circle. more on India telecom circles >>>>

In the table, 'LDCA' and 'SDCA' refer to 'long distance charging area' and 'short distance charging area', respectively. Generally speaking, SDCAs correspond roughly to towns. LDCAs are larger and correspond roughly to counties or districts. LDCAs contain multiple SDCAs.

STD Codes for Agra and Other Locations
in the Upper Pradesh West Telecom Circle

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LDCAsort iconSDCASTD Code
Uttarkashi Tehri 1376
Uttarkashi Rajgarhi 1375
Uttarkashi Purola 1373
Uttarkashi Partapnagar 1379
Uttarkashi Dunda 1371
Uttarkashi Deoprayag-II (Jakholi) 1370
Uttarkashi Deoprayag-I 1378
Uttarkashi Bhatwari-I (Uttarkashi) 1374
Uttarkashi Bhatwari-I (Gangotri) 1377
Saharanpur Saharanpur 132
Saharanpur Roorkee-II (Hardwar) 1334
Saharanpur Roorkee-I 1332
Saharanpur Nakur (Gangoh) 1331
Saharanpur Deoband 1336
Rampur Shahabad 5960
Rampur Rampur 595
Pilibhit Puranpur 5880
Pilibhit Pilibhit 5882
Pilibhit Bisalpur 5881
Nainital Nainital 5942
Nainital Kichha-II (Bazpur) 5949
Nainital Kichha-I (Rudrapur) 5944
Nainital Khatima-II (Sitarganj) 5948
Nainital Khatima 5943
Nainital Kashipur 5947
Nainital Haldwani-II (Chorgalian) 5945
Nainital Haldwani-I 5946
Muzaffarnagar Muzaffar Nagar 131
Muzaffarnagar Kairana (Shamli) 1398
Muzaffarnagar Jansath (Khatauli) 1396
Muzaffarnagar Budhana 1392
Moradabad Sambhal 5923
Moradabad Moradabad 591
Moradabad Hasanpur 5924
Moradabad Bilari 5921
Moradabad Amroha 5922
Meerut Sardhana 1237
Meerut Meerut 121
Meerut Mawana 1233
Meerut Baghpat-II (Baraut) 1234
Mathura Sadabad 5661
Mathura Mathura 565
Mathura Mant (Vrindavan) 5664
Mathura Chhata (Kosikalan) 5662
Kotdwara Ukhimath (Guptkashi) 1364
Kotdwara Pauri-II (Bubakhal) 1346
Kotdwara Pauri-I 1368
Kotdwara Lansdown-III (Syunsi) 1348
Kotdwara Lansdown-II (Kotdwara) 1382
Kotdwara Lansdown-I 1386
Kotdwara Karan Prayag 1363
Kotdwara Joshimath-II (Badrinath) 1381
Kotdwara Joshimath-I 1389
Kotdwara Chamoli 1372
Ghaziabad Siyana 5736
Ghaziabad Sikandrabad 5735
Ghaziabad Pahasu 5733
Ghaziabad Modinagar 1232
Ghaziabad Khurja 5738
Ghaziabad Hapur 122
Ghaziabad Ghaziabad+Dadri 120
Ghaziabad Garhmukteshwar 5731
Ghaziabad Debai 5734
Ghaziabad Bulandshahr 5732
Etah Kasganj 5744
Etah Jalesar 5745
Etah Etah 5742
Etah Aliganj (Ganjdundwara) 5740
Dehradun Dehradun 135
Dehradun Chakrata (Dakpather) 1360
Bijnore Najibabad 1341
Bijnore Nagina 1343
Bijnore Dhampur 1344
Bijnore Bijnore-II (Chandpur) 1345
Bijnore Bijnore-I 1342
Bareilly Pitamberpur 5821
Bareilly Nawabganj 5825
Bareilly Bareilly 581
Bareilly Baheri 5822
Bareilly Aonla-II (Ramnagar) 5824
Bareilly Aonla-I 5823
Badaun Sahaswan 5833
Badaun Gunnaur 5836
Badaun Dataganj 5831
Badaun Bisauli 5834
Badaun Badaun 5832
Almora Ranikhet 5966
Almora Pithoragarh 5964
Almora Munsiari 5961
Almora Dharchula 5967
Almora Champawat 5965
Almora Bageshwar 5963
Almora Almora 5962
Aligarh Sikandra Rao 5721
Aligarh Khair 5724
Aligarh Hathras 5722
Aligarh Atrauli 5723
Aligarh Aligarh 571
Agra Jarar 5614
Agra Ferozabad 5612
Agra Agra 562
Agra Achhnera 5613

Phone Number Formatting Guidelines

For dialing purposes, please take note of the following:

  • For areas with 2-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 2-digit area codes are 8-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 3-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 3-digit area codes are 7-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 4-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 4-digit area codes are 6-digits long (10-digits total).

In all cases, these numbering rules allow the final complete phone number to conform to the required 10-digit telephone number format that is standard throughout India for landline phones.

Mobile phones are also currently 10-digits long, but STD codes do not apply to them.

Please check India's official National Numbering Plan (large pdf) for a complete list of India area codes / SDCA codes.

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In some cases, area codes may be referred to as city codes. However, a 'city code' more correctly refers to the codes used for airports and other geographic designations under the UN's UN/LOCODE system and/or the IATA airport coding system. The city code for Agra is AGR.

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