Lookup International Access Codes

To make an international call to Agra, India from most landline phones and most mobile phones, you first need to dial the international access code for your originating country to secure an international line from your telephone carrier.

International access codes are also known as international direct dial codes (IDDs).

When using most international calling cards and VoIP services, you do not need to dial an international access code - but you should check with your specific service to determine dialing procedures.

Use the widget below to look up your country's international access code.

Once you know your IDD, then follow the Agra international dialing instructions here to complete your call.

Lookup International Access Codes

You can lookup the international access code for your country using the widget below. Or you can check the country list here to see if your country and IDD are shown.

Find an International Access Code / IDD
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  • Insert your IDD at the maroon d's to create a complete international phone number for calling Agra.
    • For an Agra landline number: 'ddd 91 562 nnn nnnn '
    • For an Agra mobile number*: 'ddd 91 9x nnn nnnnn'
  • * India has started issuing mobile numbers with the prefix '8x' instead of '9x'. While all '9x' series numbers are for mobile phones, '8x' also serves are an area code prefix for landline numbers. More on mobile phone numbering
  • Some countries, e.g., Australia, Singapore, use more than one IDD to designate specific carriers, specific countries, or other purposes. Be sure to use the correct code for your carrier or calling plan.
  • A '~' symbol indicates a dialing pause. Dial any numbers before the '~', then wait for tone before continuing.

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